Forecast - CD (Vinyl Coming Soon)


The seven tracks on this new disc show another side to John’s craft, a fiddler become violinist, immersing himself in his instrument. [Forecast] evolves into floating jazz verses that find Mailander climbing inventive musical staircases.
— San Diego Troubadour

A Fiddler’s Guide to Moveable Shapes


A Fiddler's Guide to Moveable Shapes is the world's first fretless stringed-instrument focused chord-shape theory book / psychedelic folk-art colouring adventure for visually-inclined music makers of all ages.

A Fiddler's Guide combines striking visuals with traditional music notation for a unique learning experience. It features original handmade artwork by screen-printing maestro John Fabke, and editing by esteem'd musical luminary Nick DiSebastian. Each copy comes with a set of custom fiddle scroll coloured pencils for your creative pleasure.

Also available in digital download format.

Could be a life-changing experience for students of the instrument.
— Bluegrass Today
A unique and helpful way to look at playing chords on the fiddle.
— Fiddler Magazine

Walking Distance - CD


The way that John’s character shines through in these songs is astonishing. He pours himself into the songs, and his personality comes out in the arrangements and the music. With all of the guests and the sharing of breaks, the chemistry of the players that pours out of the songs, the emotion that is revealed - All of this really makes that “community” theme hit home for this record, and it’s a grand slam.
— Red Line Roots
From the distinctive cover art to the final notes of “Tell Me”, this is a rich recording from a fiddler with a lot of talent.
— Bluegrass Unlimited
John Mailander is the latest bright light in the fiddle world.
— Bluegrass Today